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Yes, your Honour!

Francios Erasmus, (left) Elsie Schickerling and Christina Kharises (right) from Mother’s Voice Grassroots OVC and their Grade 7 children recently visited the High Court to learn more about careers in law. The Christina Swart Opperman Aids Foundation regularly arranges for high school learners to visit specific institutions to obtain guiding information on career opportunities. During June, the law firm, Francois Erasmus & Partners arranged for the Grade 7 learners of Mother’s Voice Grassroots OVC to visit the High Court in Windhoek. A guided tour through the High Court was conducted for the children by the Chief Registrar, Elsie Schickerling explaining the various careers in the law environment. When the learners are in Grade 10 a follow-up visit  will be made and another when they are in Grade 12.

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