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A wonderous tale for Wanderers

A wonderous tale for Wanderers

Wanderers first netball team won the Premier league in the Khomas netball championships which came to an end last week. The FNB Wanderers team won eight of the ten games they played for the duration of league matches. The other two games were draws. They have not lost a single match. Second was UNAM’s main team who won six of their matches but lost four.In the Khoms Region Netball first league, the Khomas Nampol team came out tops with thirteen games played, twelve won and one lost. The second spot in the first league went to Afrocat Lions. The second league was won by Trustco United with eleven games played, ten won and one lost. The second runner-ups are FNB Wanderes B with eleven games played, nine won, one drawn and one lost. Premier League Winners 2016:From the Left: Chaa Kavari, Susan van Zyl, Robynne Marx, (Captain) Whitney Mouton, Sunette Burden (Coach) Malie van der Merwe, Levy Mauano, Menethe Muvangua and Dorkas Tjipetekera.

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