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Business centre promotes creativity

The Namibia Business Innovation Centre (NBIC) will be hosting a workshop which is aimed at boosting the creativity of entrepreneurs for the first time this month. The ‘Create Your Future’ workshop will be held from 8 to 9 June at the Namibia Business Innovation Centre’s Innovation Village.
The workshop aims to assist individuals to realise their strengths and take charge of their own future.
“The Namibia Business Innovation Centre (NBIC) recognises the value of life by encouraging people to take charge of their lives through innovative thinking,” says Angela von Wietersheim, manager of innovation marketplace at NBIC.
The Create Your Future workshop is aimed at introducing participants to creativity tools, which will enable them to generate and implement new ideas and mainly targets professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, and employers.
“This workshop will equip the participants with techniques they can employ when life becomes challenging, especially when one wants to overcome perceived limitations and blocks,” says Wietersheim.
Balancing life situations requires one to be creative, to have the ability to be artistic and to be able to explore new ideas that improve one’s personal life. Creative techniques that work perfectly in your daily lives can also be used to inspire employees to be creative and tackle new challenges effectively.
Dagmar Honsbein, NBIC’s general manager, says that the workshop will reflect their mission and values.
“The first step for unleashing your potential, creativity and channeling it into “out of the box” thinking, is by taking full control of your own life. This workshop helps you do just that. It is a learning opportunity for individuals to explore creative ways to uplift themselves through generating and implementing new ideas,” says Honsbein.
The fee for the one-day workshop is N$450. A special fee of N$ 250 will be considered for young entrepreneurs upon receipt of motivational letters and proof of business registration.

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