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Faster internet leads to economic growth

 Joel Kapanda, Minister of Information and Communication Technology at the launch of Telecom’s speedlink. (Photograph by Yvonne Amukwaya)Telecom launched its latest fixed broadband speedlink product, this week. According to Frans Ndoroma, managing director of Telecom, this new product is a game changer for internet services in Namibia as the speedlink packages will enhance broadband experience for existing Telecom customers, allowing them to upgrade to the next packages at no additional costs.
Also speaking at the launch, Joseph Iita, the Telecom board’s chairman, said this product was launched in response to the customers’ need for faster internet.
He said Telecom is able to provide its customers with such innovative products because of the investment the company has made into its network.
“As Namibia’s population becomes increasingly internet savvy, the demand for faster and cheaper internet connectivity has increased over the years. We have listened to our customers and the new speedlink is a direct response to the need of our customers,” Iita said.
Namibia must adapt in the new age of information, said Joel Kapanda, Minister of Information and Communication Technology, when he addressed the gathering at the launch.
“Broadband is an economical game changer. It is non negotiable and is the passport to the future,” said Kapanda.
He said that the fixed broadband infrastructure is growing due to the demand for high speed internet and fibre deployment is on the rise because of consumer demand.
Kapanda congratulated Telecom on this milestone, saying that all sectors in the economy will be enhanced as a result of the West Africa Cable System (WACS).
All Telecom clients who have been making use of the old product offerings, have been migrated to the new product offering at no extra costs. A 30% reduction on the monthly fees for those who are connected to the higher end packages, have also been implemented.

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