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Professional speakers organise local chapter

Professional speakers organise local chapter

A former president of the South African Speakers Association, Dr Gustav Gous, enlisted the serving president of the Global Speakers Federation, Jonathan Low to prepare the groundwork for an official Namibian Professional Speakers Association.
Dr Gous is a born Namibia who returned to his roots some six years ago. In the meantime, he has established a keen following among his local audience for his inspirational analysis and guidance on transformation and personal growth.
Dr Gous has husbanded many leading South African companies through periods of transformation, most notably ABSA and Sasol.
Low hosted and presented a blitz seminar on client loyalty in Swakopmund followed by a repeat presentation in Windhoek a day later. He was joined by the Namibian Emotional Intelligence expert, Sigi Lange.
“In the past, Namibian companies had to rely on South Africans to present keynote speeches at company gatherings and events. The Namibian Professional Speakers Associations’ mission is to champion, support and provide resources to help develop and grow professional speakers in Namibia and the SADC region,” said Dr Gous.
Giving his impressions following his first visit, Low said, “Increased self-awareness accelerates professional relations and business success,” adding that he centres his speaking and executive coaching work with organisations and senior executives around this premise to measurably improve their leadership effectiveness and business performance especially in the areas of Service Quality, Sales Performance, Leadership Communication and Team Development.
He has more than 25 years of professional and international business experience in executive positions in the service industry and has worked with executives and their leadership teams throughout Asia and the Middle East. He is also recognised as one of the Global Guru Top 30 Hospitality leaders and experts.
He has delivered his high energy, fun and engaging keynotes or workshops to international participants, ranging from executives to senior managers and directors, across Asia at numerous international conferences.

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