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Red Cross foodraiser in all Pupkewitz shops

Red Cross foodraiser in all Pupkewitz shops

The Red Cross Society is backing on the support from staff and clients at all Pupkewitz stores across Namibia. At the end of April, the Pupkewitz Foundation, run by Meryl Berry, announced its support for the Red Cross foodraising project, Namibians helping Namibians.
Said Meryl, “We as the Pupkewitz Foundation/Pupkewitz Holdings pledge our support to this vital campaign by donating canned fish and cooking oil to the value of N$180,000 and water tanks to the value of N$20,000” adding that every single Pupkewitz store will support the project as a collection point for food donations by clients and their own staff.
“The Namibians Helping Namibians fundraising campaign allows every Namibian to play a part in giving assistance to their fellow countrymen and women who are affected by the drought” she said.
In support of the campaign, the Pupkewitz Foundation together with the Pupkewitz Group of companies has placed boxes with the campaign message in all their offices and stores. Encouraging each staff member to contribute one can of food, Meryl also appealed to the thousands of Pupkewitz customers and the general public to help collect food for the campaign.
“We call on corporate Namibia to support this campaign and to ensure that Namibians helping Namibians is a daily commitment and not just part of a temporary campaign. I wish to end with the quote from Jim Wallis a social activist who said: “the best of a nation’s righteousness is how it treats the poorest and most vulnerable in its midst”. Let us therefore rise to the challenge to treat our brothers and sisters with respect, care and dignity” she concluded.

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