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Boxing clinic to take place in DRC

The Dome management team will host their first ever Boxing Clinic in Swakopmund’s DRC location on 4 May.
The Dome Health and Wellness Centre will host this Boxing Clinic as a community sports training event, where youngsters are invited to participate and learn some new skills.
XENIA IVANOFF-ERB, Brand Manager said, the youngsters who attend the event will be given some drills and training exercises to do and they will also get an opportunity to watch Albinius ‘Danny-Boy’ Felesianu, sparring with another boxer in the ring.
“This event allows us as the management team of The Dome and also our Dome Athletes with a chance to contribute and to give back to the community right in their home neighbourhood and to provide the young people with a sense of inspiration,” he said.
“The clinic will be educational and will provide a platform to allow the sport to grow in our local area, and the highlight will be the boxers having a few rounds of exhibition fighting to entertain the spectators,” he added.
Furthermore Xenia said at the event boxers will also have time to integrate with the people by means of signing autographs and taking pictures with them.
“The Dome was built to inspire and share the dream of development of sport. In this spirit we would like to invite you, to attend the event so that you have an opportunity to capture thi contribution to the community,” he said.

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