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Enduro champions crowned

Enduro champions crowned


Winner Class 4:
Shannon Rowland (Honda), dominated the season and was awarded the Namibian Ladies Quad Champion title. With her is Andre le Roux from Bank Windhoek.

Henner Rusch on his KTM became the 2016 Namibian Enduro champion. For the fourth year in a row, he is also the winner of the 250cc Plus division. Rusch, together with all other riders, received their awards at the concluding function of the Enduro season.
Although running out of fuel in the season’s first race, Rusch persevered winning six of the seven races that followed. Pascal Henle (KTM) was on his heels throughout the season, eventually finishing second overall. Kai Hennes was third.
Five victories in the motorcycles up to 200 cc Class helped Marcel Henle (KTM) to be awarded the championship, although tied on points with veteran Ingo Waldschmidt (KTM, 4 victories) in the end. Throughout the season, the two riders showed an entertaining battle, up to the showdown in the last event. Joern Greiter (KTM) finished third.
In the Senior Motorbikes Class, Sven Schneidenberger (KTM/Husaberg), won his third championship title in a row, ahead of Frank Ahlreip (KTM) and Kai Hohmeier (KTM).
The Open Quad Class saw a dramatic final race of the season at Otjihase, in which JL Oppermann (Honda) clinched the win, and with it his first Namibian Champion title. Newcomer Jens Rubow (Yamaha) – who was awarded the Quads Rookie of the Season award – rode an excellent first season to finish second, ahead of Claire Brendel (Honda). Brendel, was the first lady rider to have entered in this class, and ended it in style by finishing on the podium in all events except one. In the Ladies Quad Class, Shannon Rowland (Honda), who had dominated the season, was awarded the Namibian Ladies Quad Champion title.
In the Motorbike Clubman’s Class, Jürgen Gladis (KTM) was awarded the championship title. Gerald Heiser (KTM) was second overall, while Ronnie Adams (KTM) ended the season in third after winning the last two events.
In the Offroad Bikes Class, Kurt Hartung (KTM) won the Championship crown ahead of youngster Lenny Bagwitz (KTM) and Juan van As (KTM). Van As was awarded the “Most Improved Bike Rider 2016” title, due to his constantly improving results over the season. Noam Babluki (KTM) was awarded the Development Class Championship title, ahead of Adam Johnston (Yamaha).

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