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Farmers’ cooperative raises the bar

The Omkhaibasen Farmers Cooperative which serves the Spitzkoppe, Tubusis and ≠Goabeb areas near Usakos, held another successful information and training day for farmers from these districts recently. The cooperative helps farmers to improve their breeding herds as well as market access.
At last month’s information day, emphasis was placed on breeding quality and direct marketing to abattoirs.
The information day was held in conjunction with the Namibia Allied Meat Company (Namco) under the theme, “To Measure Is To Create A Pathway To Treasure” and was attended by members of the cooperative as well as farmers from the surrounding areas, resettled farmers as well agriculture extension technicians from the Kunene and Erongo regions.
Jan Schutte from Namco conducted various presentations on breeding quality, feeding management, proper livestock management, judging and the selection of individual animals for marketing.
Schutte encouraged farmers to organise themselves and market livestock directly to abattoirs for value adding to meat and meat products.
The agriculture extension technicians, urged the participants to make use of the opportunities presented by Omkhaibasen Farmers Co-operative to attain maximum benefits to contribute toward organised agriculture as a backbone of rural development.

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