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Calls to support green building initiative

Namibia is on the road to establish its own Green Building Council (GBC) that would promote and facilitate green building practices, technologies and operations in the construction and building environment.
The initiative is taking place under the Namibia Energy Efficiency Programme (NEEP) at the Polytechnic of Namibia. The council will be called Green Building Council Namibia (GBCNA).
To secure the successful development of this council in the country, organisations and institutions are called upon to support the initiative which brings enormous benefits to its members in terms of networking, events, advocacy and collaboration with over 80 Green Building Councils around the world.
According to Kuda Ndhlukula, from the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Institute (REEEI), the need for the development of such a council in Namibia stem from the fact that buildings consume a considerable amount of energy through cooling, heating, lighting and other ancillary services.
“It is therefore imperative that we establish such a board to promote green building practices,” he said.
The Associated Working Group was formed in February 2012 to, amongst others, develop a business plan, secure funding, identify and invite members and register the GCBNA with the Namibian authorities and the World Green Building Council.
The initiative is supported by many organisations, institutions and government agencies such as the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development, United Nations Development Programme, Arandis Town Council, EMCON Consulting Group, Nina Maritz Architects, Urban Green cc, Nedbank Namibia and George Kozonguizi – an independent consultant. These constitute the Associated Working Group, which is working towards the formation of the council.

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