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Teachers receive training in Math

The first 35 teachers attending a training workshop in Katima Mulilo. (Photograph contributed)A group of 35 teachers attended the first training workshop held in Katima Mulilo during April. The initiative was sponsored by Bank Windhoek in order to strengthen the drive by the Ministry of Education to make Mathematics a compulsory subject from Grade 1 to Grade 12 in all schools.
The bank gave N$197 000 to the Namibian Mathematics Institute (NMI) to train the 10th Grade teachers in the Caprivi region in the subject of mathematics.
“The bank realised that the decision to make Mathematics compulsory would have serious implications for schools with unqualified and under-qualified Mathematics teachers, hence this sponsorship,” said Nora Ndopu, Bank Windhoek’s communications practitioner: Stakeholder Engagement.
Pieter Erwee, director of the Namibian Mathematics Institution, said that the NMI is grateful for the support, “ which will greatly complement and strengthen the plans and projects of the Ministry of Education to improve the quality of education in our schools.”
Over the past five years, Bank Windhoek embarked on various initiatives to support Mathematics teachers at all levels, such as supplying many schools with special mathematics kits, developed by NMI to support Mathematics Education at primary school level.

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