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Lake Oanob primed for open water swimmers

Lake Oanob primed for open water swimmers

Over 200 swimmers are expected to participate in the Point-break Open Water swim at Lake Oanob this Sunday.
The swimming event which attracts a large variety of swimmers in different age groups, will be held at the dam resort, which is around 42% full, with plenty of water for the swimmers to compete in either the 2.1km, 700m or Fun Swim.
Speaking on behalf of OTB Sports (who are the event organisers),Yvonne Brinkmann said top Namibian swimmers will compete in the 2.1km or 700m, however, there are also many older or more recreational swimmers.
The ‘amphibian’, Gideon Nasolowskia will participate, in what is going to be his fourth consecutive year in the 2.1km event, while Vicky Botha, who was born with Cerebral Palsy, will compete in
her third consecutive year in the 700m event.
OTB Sport noted that the kiddies Fun Event is becoming popular in comparison with past events. The youngest participant is two years old and in this event the child can use any flotation or swimming device and can be assisted by their parents.
“The Kiddies fun event is a way to introduce young kids to the joy of open water swimming. This strategy seems to have worked. This year for the first time we are seeing lots of kids competing in the 700m – the next generation of top Namibian swimmers,” OTB sport said.
The 700m swim will kick off at 9h30 and the 2.1km will start at 10h00 and the Kiddies Fun event will take place at 11h00. Prize giving will take place around 11h30.
OTB Sport extended its thanks to Point-break for their generous sponsorship over the past several years. The directors and staff of Point-break said, “We look forward to seeing previous competitors and new entrants at the 8th Point-break Open Water Swim on Sunday.”
“The event has a wonderful balance of excellence in competition, while preserving a real element of family fun and the enjoyment of the environment in which we live and the people with whom we share it. This embodies the values of Point-break and we are once again proud to be part of such a well-organised event, ”added Brinkmann.

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