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Simonis Storm claims next

Simonis Storm Securities this week unveiled their new branding positioning as part of a re-branding exercise to meet clients’ perception of the legacy financial service provider offerings.
The independent stock-broking firm also changed its name to Simonis Storm dropping Securities. Founded in 1996 under the name, Fleming Martin Securities and after various mergers and acquisitions, Simonis Storm Securities (Pty) Limited became a wholly owned subsidiary of Lexus Securities (Pty) Ltd.
Bruce Hansen, Managing Director of Simonis Storm unveiled the new logo and explained how they plan to carry the business forward. He said they are expanding the professional financial advisory services for individuals and corporate clients that wish to improve their financial portfolios.
“We want to exist as a brand that creates wealth for our clients by adding value to the service clients receive and build meaningful relationship.” Hansen said, adding that client prosperity is always the end goal in sight.
Hansen lead the Simonis Storm Money Market since 2006-2015. Prior to that he worked for 8 years in various capacities for GIPF including benefits administration, customer services and information systems.
He believes in matching the company’s own perception with that of the client’s as a fully fledged financial service provider that caters clients with a holistic approach that follows their individual needs and aspirations.
“Our clients are leaders who reach the top and set new benchmarks and are always hunting for the next big thing.” That Hansen said is the tag-line that reels in clients by begging the question of what the next logical solution to managing and growing their wealth would be.
Hansen reckons what is needed to meet clients perceptions is considering the logical end to the clients changing needs and continuously asking what is next as an option not only for local investment but also considering the larger investment universe.
Group Managing Director of Lexus Securities (Pty) Ltd, Simonis Storm’s holding company since last year, Andrew Jansen, a Chartered Accountant and also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder, said that Simonis Storm is definitely the big fish in the small pond with eight Chartered Financial Analysts and a research team of four which he said is by far the largest research team locally.
“We want to move to being fresh and innovative by pushing opportunities while also being sensible.” Jansen said.
Simonis Storm will also do the customary website revamp while also expanding their individual offerings in money markets and capital market products.
Also, Retirement planning, Short and long term insurance and estate planning has been added to the list of services which Jansen says clarifies the public’s perception on what is available as a full range of service for a holistic wealth management offering.
We want to change lives and enhance our clients’ financial lifestyle, Jansen said.

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