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Encouraging Equal Opportunities in Namibia

Encouraging Equal Opportunities in Namibia

The British High Commission and the Legal Assistance Centre launched a pamphlet entitled Encouraging Equal Opportunities in Namibia which provides an overview of the requirements of Namibia’s labour laws to advance gender equality.
The pamphlet summarises provisions from the Labour Act 9 of 2007, the Foreign Investments Act 27 of 1990, the Co-operatives Act 23 of 1996, and the Affirmative Action (Employment) Act 29 of 1998. It also provides ideas on how an employer can put the provisions into meaningful practice and gives suggestions on how to go beyond the basic provisions to encourage real and practical change that will encourage equal opportunities in the workplace. The pamphlet is intended for employers and employees alike to encourage positive change in the employment environment in Namibia. Holding the pamphlets are (f.l.t.r): Graham Hopwood, director IPPR, Brilliant Mabhena, Insight Namibia Magazine, Rachel Coomer, Gender Research & Advocacy Project, Legal Assistance Centre, HE Jo Lomas, British High Commissioner, Emma-Kantema Gaomas, Acting Executive Officer, Social Security Commission.

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