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What historical link with China?

Dear sir,
I would like to correct a recurrent spate of utterances coming from certain reactionary and/or high-ranking Namibian government leaders, including former President Sam Nujoma.
Through their daily public pronouncements lately, our leaders have misled the people of Namibia into believing that during the liberation struggle for Namibian independence, the Chinese Government militarily supported SWAPO.
This explains why Chinese nationals are allowed to do whatever they wish in this country, even if this is done at the expense and or to the detriment of Namibians – the owners of this country.
Elias Manga, president of the National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW), who might never have been in exile (and if he was then he must forgive me), has been quoted in the local media as saying that Namibian “workers value and appreciate the historical link between Namibia and China”. What historical links are these?
Nothing could be further from the truth! Such utterances are self-serving simply because those who are making them are personally benefiting in one way or the other from so-called Chinese investments in this country. There has been no such link military or otherwise between Namibia and China.
As a Soviet-trained humint and sigint (connoisseur) and a former cadre in the People’s Liberation Army of Namibia – the military wing of the now defunct SWAPO of Namibia Liberation Movement – I am one of the living testimonies about the fact that, since the Sino-Soviet Rift of the early 1960s, almost 99.99% of our military hardware came from, and our military training took place in, the former Soviet Union, of which the present Russian Federation was the leading constituent.
This is precisely why SWAPO was often referred to as “the Soviet-backed guerilla movement” and so on. SWAPO was never referred to as “Chinese-backed rebels” in the same fashion as UNITA and ZANU were referred to.
Even more so, Nujoma and his disciples like to boast about the “historic and decisive” Battle of Cuito Cuanavale without making a single reference in this regard to the so-called historic link to the Chinese.
Now several years after Namibia’s independence, the decisive role, which the Soviets (and their Cuban allies) have played, is not recognised and/or has been totally forgotten and downplayed by such opportunists in favour of the material and financial benefits which they receive from neo-Chinese imperialists. This is one of the duplicitous conducts by Nujoma prior to Namibian independence, which I have tried to refer to in my historic Exposé About Nujoma’s CIA Connections. Just read it again.
Now the Namibian people are being told that they must allow naked exploitation by the Chinese businesspersons and/or that Namibians must cede their inalienable sovereignty over our natural resources to the Chinese presumably because of alleged historic Chinese links. Let me, however, stress that I have absolutely no problem with genuine but mutually beneficial foreign investment in this country, regardless of who the investors are.
Fellow Namibians, please wake up and open your eyes before it is too late!
Citizen Phil ya Nangoloh

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