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The Jiving Oyster at the Hilton Divine Sushi & Wine Bar

The Jiving Oyster at the Hilton Divine Sushi & Wine Bar

JIVING OYSTER – This is an exciting new event on the Windhoek monthly culinary entertainment calendar: On Thursday, 04 February 2016 an oyster extravaganza is presented in a classy setting with live jazz music. The Hilton Divine Sushi & Wine Bar, an extension of the Kalabar, serves as the main venue. The current regular live music presentations at the Kalabar on Thursday evenings (Jazz Etcetera) are being integrated into the event. Various oyster treats and drink combinations, courtesy of the Hilton Chef and his team will be offered for sale to patrons wishing to taste genuine original Namibian oysters while enjoying the entertainment at the same time.
THEME – the theme for this first Jiving Oyster event is ‘FAB’ – inviting patrons to bring forth the best of what they have to offer in fashion and style. Just as much is expected of the audience as of the entertainers. This is an occasion to dress up with flair and go over the top.
MUSIC & CHAMPAGNE – The music to go with the launch will be performed by Floritha, the voice of the South. The ‘Jiving Oyster’ starts at 18h00 sharp with MUMM champagne reigning on the beverages menu. The music starts an hour later at 19h00 allowing the taste buds to be enticed for a full hour before the entertainment takes over.
The event is a collaboration between the Hilton Hotel, JTS Trading, Pernod Ricard and Ondjila Y’Ondjaba Concert Agency.
JTS Trading is a company specializing on the supply to end-users of high quality oysters originating from the Namibian coastal near Lüderitz. These oysters meet international health and consumer standards and are known for their purity in taste and flavour. The company was established in 2015 and comprises only young, innovative entrepreneurs and is 100% female driven.


The Jiving Oyster takes place every first Thursday of the month starting at 18h00 and ending at 21h30. For more information feel free to contact Eva Shitaatala at 081 283 1983 or Ernst Herma at 081 122 3709.

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