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20 Beautiful Women Africa Edition jumps to Amazon’s best seller list

20 Beautiful Women Africa Edition jumps to Amazon’s best seller list

Only two days after released, the Africa edition of the book series, ‘20 Beautiful Women’ reached Amazon’s best seller list. The Africa edition features five Namibian women.
The 20 Beautiful Women book series has touched the lives of many women across the globe with Volume 1 and 2 becoming very popular. The Africa edition was initiated by former Miss Namibia Lelanie Basson working with Saba Tekle, a publisher, author, mentor and HuffPost blogger.
The Namibian women featured in the book alongside Lelanie are Anna Matebele, Martha Murorua, Stacey Susa and Elaine Pienaar. The book covers stories from women who live, have lived, or are connected to Africa and who have experienced devastating circumstances, loss, and disappointment. Readers who enjoyed Volume 1 and II of 20 Beautiful Women could hardly wait for the Africa edition. This inspiring new book was released in the United States at the end of November last year.
Just like the previous editions, 20 Beautiful Women: 20 More Stories That Will Heal Your Soul, Ignite Your Passion And Inspire Your Divine Purpose, the Africa Edition is enjoying tremendous success. When Volume 1 was first released it hit best seller in 4 different categories. And within 48 hours of its launch on Amazon, the Africa edition became #1 best-seller in Women’s Personal Growth, Self Help, Motivation and in Spiritual Healing. It also tuned best seller internationally.
Several women have been lapping up the inspiring words from its pages. One reader commented: What I love most about this book is the bravery and heart shown by the collective authors in every story. I was deeply touched by the writing of their respective experiences and honest depictions, I found myself relating to at least two of their stories. There was so much emotion, both hurt and happiness, such humanity and spirituality on every page, I found it enlightening and inspiring as it changed my perspective of things I thought I knew so much about. Thank you so much to the authors! I’m giving this 5 stars.”
It is Lelanie’s intention to launch the book locally before June this year.

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