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IOL launches Experience Portal

IOL launched its Experience Portal or e-Portal on Friday last week. Students in the Khomas region are invited to experience, test and play with the most technologically advanced study tools the market has to offer.
This amazing technology offers a combination of speed and sound, and hosts an array of multiple functions that provides students who use them with an edge.
With the launch of the e-Portal, IOL says every student that registers with them will receive a free online English grammar course. The Institute for Open Learning said it applauds the Ministry of Education on its initiative in engaging, developing and advancing the english language specifically for Namibians in the teaching profession and is pleased to contribute to this initiative.
Ilana Calitz, the head of education at the IOL, expressed her excitement in offering this course to current students in the teaching profession. She remarked: “Being a former teacher myself, I understand the challenges that teachers face in the classroom on a daily basis. I believe that this course will enhance the skill set of teachers who teach in english.”
Janene van den Heever, the head of Trustco Finance and Education stated: “English is not only our National language but also the business language of the World. Namibians are fortunate in the sense that most of us are proficient in two or more languages.”
Due to the accessibility and flexibility, online training is becoming a popular method and dominant medium of teaching and learning worldwide. IOL presently offers more than a thousand online courses that include inter alia, business courses, skills courses and information technology courses.
Current students are invited to visit an IOL regional student support centre for a free introduction to the online course library. This initiative will afford students access to a wealth of educational courses that will assist them in achieving their study goals.
According to Kambi Short, IT advisor to the education minister the launch of the E-portal, Techview and the online english course by IOL offers unique opportunities for students in Namibia to experience an education driven by the forefront of technology.
“This technology is the very example of a knowledge-based society. By using their knowledge of technology, IOL have taken the lead in providing innovative solutions to contributing to the economy of Namibia. We, the Ministry of Education, congratulate IOL and recognise the way in which they are partnering with us to increase access to Education for all.”

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