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Footballers encouraged to vote

The Namibia Football Association (NFA) this week made the call for its members and affiliates to vote in the upcoming Regional Council and Local Authority elections.
Barry Rukoro, Secretary General of the NFA, said it was important for the football family to support and partake in national endeavours for enforcement of democracy and development and called on football players to queue up early on Friday morning before they embark upon the weekend league fixtures.
“I call upon all the players in our leagues to take this advice seriously and go as early as possible to the polling stations in their constituencies to cast their votes for their preferred candidates or party. It is very important for all of us to vote and for our voices to make a change in our localities and this is one of those rare moments where each and every player, coach team medic, team manager have a say,” said Rukoro.
Namibia Premier League Administrator Tovey Hoebeb confirms that league action will continue this weekend and echoed Rukoro’s call.
“We will continue with our league action programme this weekend and indeed we urge all teams to ensure that players who are eligible to vote do cast their votes on Friday and the travel if that respective club is going out. It is imperative for us to support this national days and Election Day is very important indeed. We will be releasing the fixtures shortly for the weekend,” Hoebeb said.
The NFA oversees 14 regional second divisions as well as three first division as well as the Namibia Premier League, women football and youth football leagues which consist of over 1000 players, many of whom are eligible to vote.
The 2015 Regional Council and Local Authority Election date has been set for 27 November when about 3 400 polling stations will be manned by 2 476 teams for regional council and 626 teams for local authority elections.

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