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Seven-a-side football tourney for a cause

Seven-a-side football tourney for a cause

The Fortis Football Academy hosted a 7-a-side Tournament earlier in the month. Young men and women from all over the city joined the excitement at the DTS Sports Grounds in Olympia to play for their different denominations.
Even the hot and sunny conditions, without a cloud in the sky, could keep them away from taking this opportuntity to play in a tournament with a difference.
The tournament was attended by the following teams: Fortis Football Academy (2 teams), Legends from Emmanuel Church, Khomasdal Baptist Church Youth, PowerHouse Family Fellowship (2 teams), His People, Chipolopolo F.C./Campus Crusade for Christ, Khomas Community Church(KCC), KOI and Spartans F.C.
The hosts, Fortis Football Academy, also entered two teams referred to as Real Fortis and Fortis United. And with the Baptist Church and PowerHouse entering two teams, the total number of teams were 12.
The 12 teams were divided into two groups of 6 teams each. Each team in their group played one another on a league basis, of which the top two seeded teams went into a semi-final and then a final.
The two semi-finals were contested by KOI and His People and Fortis United and the Khomasdal Baptist Church Youth, respectively.
His People and Fortis United progressed to the finals. It was a tense final and after a goalless match, it came down to a penalty shoot out where His People won.
The awards for the tournament are as follows: Team Player of the Tournament Award, Sekeli Thosi – Chipolopolo F.C.; Player of the Tournament Award, Tulonga Tutu Hashoongo – KOI; Top Goalscorer of the Tournament Award, Hafeni Shiinda – His People; Runner-Up Team, Fortis United; Team of the Tournament (Talent Award), His People and Playing for Jesus Trophy (Character Award); KCC.

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