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More for Cancer

More for Cancer

Operations at the Cancer Association were bolstered this week when FNB Namibia made a substantial furniture donation and reconfirmed their N$100,000 commitment to help fight cancer for the next three years. The donation and funds support the association’s House Acacia project where cancer patients have a secure homely environment while undergoing treatment in Windhoek.
Rolf Hansen, Chief Executive Officer, CAN said that they are very gratefull for the donations which will help keep House Acacia running. “The exclusive purpose of this interim house is to accommodate out of town cancer patients undergoing treatment at the Dr AB May Cancer Treatment Centre, and our aim is to make them as comfortable as possible, during their stay with us,” he added.
Dixon Norval, Executive Officer: Premium, FNB Namibia said that they believe in long-term investments that are sustainable and strategic, and they focus on projects that are responsive to the challenges of the communities they operate in. He explained that when they moved to the new FNB building, they looked at the community partners they have relationships with and invited them to have a “blank cheque”approach to call at the old offices and identify redundant furniture they may be able to use at their offices. The Cancer Association was one such partner and selected furniture to use at House Acacia.
“We are pleased that the furniture items you selected will assist with your purpose of creating a comfort zone, a home away from home, for those in pain,” added Norval. “These contributions form part of the Group’s efforts to support Vision 2030 to creat jobs, wealth, and prosperity for all Namibians,” he concluded.

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