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PTA Series finale draws near

Cleet Farmer is well on his way to secure the overall win in the advanced category.

The second last tournament of this year’s Pro Tennis Academy’s (PTA) Tennis Series saw some highly entertaining action with nearly 20 players in action on the courts of the Windhoek High School last week.

In the midi category young Arnaud Marais underlined his dominance by winning yet another tournament. It was his fourth win so far this season. Marais is well on course of being crowned this year’s champion.
In other action, Mike Kambonde made another huge step in being crowned this year’s champion by clinching the first place, with Mondre Orren in second. Judging by his form throughout the form, Kambonde’s championship win seems all but secure.
Cleet Farmer is also almost guaranteed overall victory, after he too secured another win last weekend. His closest rival, Brandon Maasdorp, did come in second but it seems that it wasn’t enough to still seriously threaten Farmer.
The PTA Tennis Series is the only series of tournaments in Namibia where the participants play according to your skill level and not their age category.

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