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Seibeb dominates KIA bike series

Raul Costa Seibeb has also won the last race of the 2015 KIA mountain bike series and therefore scored a perfect record of six wins in six races, taking the overall win with 1000 points in the process.

He finished the 40 kilometre long race at the Daan Viljoen Sun Karros MTB and Trial Run west of Windhoek in a time of 1:43:13 hours, more than a minute ahead of cycler-up Martin Freyer (1:44:28), while the latter’s team mate in the KIA Elite team, Michael Pretorius, came third (1:44:28).
In the overall ranking Pretorius managed to overtake Tjipe Murangi to secure the second place with 650 points. Murangi made third place with 610 points. In the women’s division Hester Prins took the top honours in 2:16:37, followed by Michelle Doman (2:25:38) and Benita Kasch (2:30:16).
Although Irene Steyn did not cycle last weekend, she remains at the top of the overall standing with 950 points after dominating much of the earlier series. The second place goes to Michelle Doman (700) with Michelle Vorster in third place (500).
Overview of some results:
Open Men (40 km): 1. Raul Costa Seibeb 1:43:13, 2. Martin Freyer 1:44:28, 3. Michael Pretorius 1:44:28
Open women (40km): 1. Hester Prins 1:54:45, 2. Michelle Doman 1:56:01, 3. Benita Kasch 1:58:51

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