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Deloitte Human Capital report

Business leaders in 2015 must adapt to a new world that requires dramatic change in strategies for leadership and talent, according to the first-ever Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2015 report just released. Namibia’s specific report is a companion to the global report.

For the first time 39 Namibian businesses and HR leaders participated in the global survey. Conducted under the theme “Leading in the new world of work”, the overall purpose of the research is to give insight and perspective to Namibian business to re-assess priorities that may have been set for the upcoming year and to ensure alignment.
According to the report, leadership continues to be one of the biggest challenges local companies are facing, specifically identifying and engaging emerging leaders. Based on the responses from the Namibian respondents, Deloitte was able to derive six Human Capital trends, the top three being; Workforce capability, Leadership, and Learning and Development.
The overall results highlight workforce capability as a challenging dominant trend for Namibia, rated 5th compared to the global results. Critical new skills are still scarce and are declining.
The uneven distribution of skills is forcing companies to develop innovative new ways to find people, develop capabilities and shape expertise to close the skills gap and provide for the needs of the next generation. It warns that only companies that succeed in building a supply chain for skills will be positioned for success in innovation and performance.
Leadership on the other hand is a trend that has also been consistently at the top of global results. Significant for Namibia is that it is a task for which local businesses are the least prepared for as rated by the Capability Gap Index.

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