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UNAM Enviro- students tour Tsumeb Smelter

The UNAM group that recently took a tour of Dundee’s Tsumeb Smelter, got first hand practical experience on areas such as health, safety, environmental management and pollution aspects that they usually only cover in theory in their studies.

Fourteen 4th-year Integrated Environmental Science students from the University of Namibia (Ogongo) Campus visited Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb , so as to gain technical knowledge in the areas such as health, safety, environmental management and pollution aspects, earlier this week.

Nico Potgieter, Environment and Hygiene Manager at Dundee Precious Metals shared insight with the students about safety, dust measurement, monitoring and control measures and noise pollution management accomplished at the Smelter before the group toured the Acid plant, weather station, and the waste site.
“It was a fantastic practical experience of what we are taught in class. Thank you very much and keep on helping other institutions as well,” said Lukas Gabriel from UNAM.
Juno Claasen, Radiation and Hygiene Officer at Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb said, “practical experience shows students the difference between knowing what they get from a text book to what is actually done in the workplace, it expose students to the reality of the workplace”. Claasen further stated that students’ visiting the smelter gave Dundee an opportunity to meet fellow professionals.
Filippus Nambuli, a lecturer in the Integrated Environmental Science department said, “the experience was great, students have learned a lot and they will be required to write a report of what they have learned at the Smelter.”
Nambuli, complimented Dundee Precious Metals for doing well, as he has seen the technical aspect of what the company does and he wants to continue bringing more students to visit the smelter.
Inekela Iiyambo, Environmental Specialist and Claasen, accompanied the students to the Acid plant, waste site as well as at the weather station to enlighten the students more on what takes place on a daily basis in the field.
Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb recently proudly received thirty Polytechnic of Namibia 2nd year Environmental Health Science students who shared similar purpose of acquiring practical exposure.

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