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FlyNamibia joins the ranks of IATA members

FlyNamibia joins the ranks of IATA members

FlyNamibia recently joined the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as a new member, marking a significant milestone and promising future for the airline industry in Namibia and beyond.

As an organization, IATA represents, leads, and serves the global airline industry and acts as the collective voice of approximately 300 airlines from over 120 countries worldwide. The main goal of IATA is to collaboratively shape the future growth of an aviation sector that is both safe and secure, while also ensuring sustainability. Through these efforts, IATA aims to create an air transport industry that not only connects nations but also enriches our global community.

According to a statement released this week, FlyNamibia’s membership in IATA opens up a world of opportunities for the airline, its employees, and, most importantly, its valued customers.

By aligning with IATA’s principles and collaborating with a global network of industry leaders, FlyNamibia is poised to elevate its operations, offer enhanced services, and contribute to the growth and sustainability of air travel in Namibia.

This momentous occasion is a testament to FlyNamibia’s dedication to excellence, safety, and customer satisfaction. As we embark on this new chapter, we anticipate the myriad benefits that IATA membership will bring to the airline, its passengers, and the aviation industry as a whole.

Together, with FlyNamibia as an IATA member, we are confident that we can soar to new heights and
create a brighter, more connected, and sustainable future for air travel.

FlyNamibia currently operates domestic routes from Eros Airport in Windhoek to Ondangwa, Rundu, Katima Mulilo, Lüderitz, and Oranjemund, as well as a regional route between Hosea Kutako International Airport and Cape Town International.


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