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Born-again feminist or not?

A few weeks back I attended a poetry show with some friends and one of the talented poets mentioned the term ‘Born-again feminist’ and this had the crowd and I in an uproar. But on my part I was more confused.

First of all, I say it is an absolute shame that feminism has to exist in the first place to correct societal stereotypes that make women feel inferior, unappreciated and marginalized is a world that she suffered hours of skull splitting labour hanging between life and death, to give birth to such a shame.
However, a true born again cannot support feminism, because it seeks to put women in all entirety as equals to men, which is interpreted as women trying to realise ‘Manhood’, and this is not desired by the almighty. The true origins of the feminism are much deeper and not quite as innocent as assumed (we should be more vigilant of what we believe).
Quoting Sue Bohlin, May 27, 2003HYPERLINK “” , Christian View on Feminism, she says,“The early feminists decided that women are oppressed because bearing and raising children is a severe limitation and liability. What makes women different from men equals weakness. The next step, then, was to overcome that difference so that women could be just like men.”
I, for one, would like to believe in the good part of feminism, that women do not want to attain ‘Manhood’, but rather that feminism stands as a corrective response to the ugly and inconsiderate theories and stereotypes that surround what a woman is and what a woman can be.
Women are not be presented with the vast amount of opportunities that men seem to have, although everything is changing in recent times, the pace is not fast enough.
Quoting the first black woman to win an EMMY for outstanding lead Actress in a drama, Viola Davis who said,“the only thing that separates women of colour from anyone is opportunity,” and this is very true for all women across the world, who usually have to work twice as hard to get a position where their work is appreciated or even recognised.
The bible is not against the success of a woman but more on her motive. Is she doing this to be equal to the man? What does this mean to her ‘Equal’ to the man? When women are more successful do they all tend to emasculate their man? What roles do women play and what roles do men play and what will happen to the roles that each play, when they are both considered equal?
My personal opinion is that cultures and all these theories that have gained momentum over the years have successfully diluted what the role of the man is and the role of the woman in any relationship. Now, we have expectations of each other that are not what was required from us.
For Christians it should be easy, simply go to your bible and figure out what it is that your role is. (And share with others because they are not 100% sure). These are the fundamental ingredients of what any relationship should be built on. It truly is a shame that feminism had to exist to remind us that we need to practice mutual respect and consideration for one another.
I wonder, don’t other religions or cultures preach spread love to receive love? Then why is our society so bent on destruction. Who is really raised to beat up or hate another human being? What were our minds being feed for us to result to these sort of violent acts against one another?
True practising Christians know their roles in their relationships and in such relationships both partners are content. Even looking at relationships outside of religion that have mutual respect and consideration for the partners, have a better chance of lasting longer than relationships where these factors are absent.
In conclusion there is no such thing as a born-again feminist, Feminism cannot fit into Christianity and vice versa, because they do not need each other.

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