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“Where does the money go?” – Cancer Association responds

“Where does the money go?” – Cancer Association responds

The Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN) is often asked the question by the public and sponsors, “Where does the money go?”

To answer that question we will share what we have done and what our future plans are.

We have been active for the last two years in moulding, “the CAN of tomorrow” into specific departments to guide them into the future, therefore our branches, national committees and volunteers will as of 2018 follow a set of pillar of hope to impact lives in the country.

We focus on Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Childhood Cancer as their fundamental guide and then we have several campaigns and fund-raisers to raise funds to build a budget and their Pillars of Hope, which are their focus areas, will be serviced from these funds.

Furthermore the National Cancer Outreach Programme will be the main steering agent for screening, clinics and education campaigns in communities and talks in schools, while their committees and volunteers nationwide will help reach local communities in rural areas when outreach teams are away.

They also inform that their Circle of Hope programme is now able to provide psychosocial support through their Family Support Centre that interlinks with the CAN Medical Centre and Patient financial Assistance Programme to ensure they touch lives and give support where it is needed.

Interim homes form a key component of cancer treatment and their House Acacia and CHICA Interim Home are “homes of hope” for those receiving treatment.

We are proud that during the past 50 years we have grown from humble beginnings to one of the most comprehensive and national-involved cancer umbrella bodies, globally.

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