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Financing options for gas projects

The headache of financing the Kudu gas project may just be dissolved at a meeting scheduled for early November in Cape Town where the South African Independent Power Producers’ office will consider financing strategies for a number of regional gas projects.

Following the success of the South Africa: Gas Options (SA:GO) meeting in Cape Town last week, where over 300 investors were informed about SA’s Gas IPP programme, November’s Powering Africa: Finance Options meeting takes gas developments by Independent Power Producers one step further by exploring some of the potential financing bottlenecks that can arise in the bankrolling of gas projects.
The Powering Africa: Finance Options meeting is scheduled for 5 and 6 November 2015.
“The potential of the Gas IPP and the continuing enthusiasm for the REIPPP, combined with the clear backing of both programmes at the highest levels of South Africa’s government as outlined last week at SA:GO, means that a focused dialogue around the financing structures will help better formulate upcoming RFPs” according to Karen Breytenbach of the South African IPP office team.
PA:FO is a c-suite dialogue which brings together project and utility leaders such as Mozambique’s EDM and South Africa’s Eskom to challenge investors and development partners in a series of lively roundtable debates. As the number of IPPs across Africa continues to rise to meet growing demand for power, PA:FO will get to the heart of financing issues and opportunities to accelerate investments.
The meeting is again held under Chatham House rule to foster open discussion and healthy debating around some of the more challenging obstacles investors and the public sector face.
PA:FO is limited to 100 c-suite participants to preserve the value of the discussions and networking.

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