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Tanya Stroh of Turipamwe Design Studio

Tanya Stroh

Young Businesswoman

Tanya Stroh

Owner and Creative Director

Company, institution or business
Turipamwe Design Studio


“When I first joined the working world in 2009, I soon realised that while working in a team is great, I wanted more. Working as a senior graphic designer at an agency with some of the largest brands, including Leo, the NTB and Namport, taught me an incredible amount about creating national campaigns, working with corporate clients and contributing to a creative team.
“I successfully applied to work as an artist in residency in Berlin for four months.
“Upon returning, I saw a need in the Namibian market to create impactful and beautiful graphic designs, visual communication and branding for other entrepreneurs and businesses. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to create a studio where I could service clients with my expertise in design, branding and creativity.
“The decision I took to start my own design studio in 2011, from the humble beginnings of and old school desk, has proved to be the most positively challenging yet equally rewarding undertaking of my life since graduation.
“Starting in October 2011, I founded Turipamwe Design. For six months I worked from my Mother’s study on a PC until I was able to secure high enough sales to afford operating from my own business premises.
Turipamwe Design has grown into a boutique design studio offering branding, graphic, industrial and production design portfolios for MSME’s, national corporates and international entrepreneurs.
Working with the Visual Arts Department of UNAM, she got her first paid intern with whose assistance she was able to secure the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre as a client, then later the National Art Gallery of Namibia, and B2Gold Namibia.
BA (Hons) in Communication Management specialising in Creative Brand Communication from Vega Brand Communication School in Johannesburg.
Advanced National Diploma with distinction in Multimedia and Design Production from the School of Creative Media Arts at City Varsity in Cape Town.
In the past two years I have come to understand the meaning of balance, as something that is created and not found. The concept of balance is something that requires constant intention and attention.
To have time, you have to make time. Coming from a small family of girls I like to spend time with my partner and family over the weekend, cooking and sharing meals together.

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