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More hiring opportunities for Namibia

In an effort to promote inclusivity and non-discrimination in hiring the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation on Wednesday this week announced new measures for job seekers and designated employers.

The new measures according to the ministry state that when an employer reports a vacancy to the Employment Services Bureau, that information will be made available on NIEIS immediately and will therefore be available to registered job seekers throughout the country.
According to Nghimtina, the hiring pool for employers will not be limited to one geographical area of the country, unless specified for valid reasons, and that any Namibian job seeker will have a chance to apply. At the same time, the Bureau will make its own referrals after scrutinizing the vacancy report and matching the employers’ requirements with suitable registered job seekers.
“I am aware that some of the employers have complained that this obligation to report vacancies and to consider the NIEIS referrals in good faith is an unnecessary burden. I appeal to such employers: we must all hold hands and pull together if we wish to develop the nation and to give hope to our youth and other job seekers. I am sure that once the employers begin to use the system, they will find it easy to use and beneficial to their businesses and organisations”, said Nghimtina.
Nghimtina also mentioned that in his notice he also identified as designated educational and training institutions, all tertiary institutions established by Act of Parliament as well as educational or vocational training institutions registered by Namibia Training Authority (NTA) and/or accredited by Namibia Qualification Authority (NQA).
According to the minister these institutions are now required to submit information on an ongoing basis regarding course offerings, qualifications of all graduates and course of study of current students. “Our Ministry will work together with these institutions and relevant Agencies and Ministries to identify skills gaps and to facilitate employment of graduates,” he said.
Also speaking about the new measures, Chairperson of the Employment Services Board (ESB), Lingani Sibalatani, requested all employers in private employment agencies and Institutions to collaborate with the ESB in order to learn and understand the objective and purpose of the Act, stating that the most important strategy is the stakeholders’ and nation’s involvement.
In order to ensure that this new inclusive regime will work, ministry staff members will embark upon an intensive campaign designed to inform the public, and particularly job seekers and designated employers about the new requirements and new opportunities.

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