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CoW to electrify informal settlements

The City of Windhoek (CoW) held a press briefing earlier this week to update the public on the progress of the electrification of informal settlements. The City’s spokesperson, Joshua Amukugo said that the continuous power outages in the areas bordering the informal settlements will soon be history.
“Major strides have been made within the first half of 2016 to establish major electricity distribution supply points in areas that still await electricity,” he said.
Amukugo said that Otjomuise 6 and 7 (known as 8ste laan) will be supplied from a new substation being developed at the corner of Dusseldorf and Moses Garoeb streets in Otjomuise, Okuryangava extensions (Okahandja Park, Ongulumbashe, Babylon and Kilimanjaro) will be supplied from the new Babylon distribution substation along Omuvapu street and the entire Havana extensions to be supplied by a new substation that has been developed near Havana Primary School.
He informed that the projects are not complete and that they are still ongoing, whereby project 2 and 3 are anticipated to be completed by end of July 2016 and project 1 before end of this year.
“Residents should note that this is the first phase in bringing electricity into the area by installing electrical equipment and cables along all residential streets in the mentioned areas and the third phase will involve connection of electricity to individual housing units,” said Amukugo.
He requested residents of these areas to be patient as the electrification will be preceded by surveying the areas, procurement of goods and services and finally the phasing of the development as outlined earlier.
“We also encourage residents to save up money for the final electricity connection payable by each erf owner/account holder and the exact figures will be finalized and communicated to the residents,” he concluded.
The electtrification of Otjomuise and the construction of Moses Garoeb Distribution station will cost approximately N$31 million, the construction of Havana Distribution station will cost approximately N$22 million and the construction of Babylon Distribution Station will cost approximately N$17 million.

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