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Funding for Karas community projects

Hon Lucia Basson, the Governor of the Kharas Regional Council was joined after her inspiring address by the beneficiaries of the projects sponsored by the Civil Society Foundation of Namibia.

The famous Nama step was in vogue earlier this month when dozens of community members celebrated the substantial funding for local community projects from the Civil Society Foundation of Namibia. Thirteen community projects were awarded funding to the total amount of almost N$445,000.

Nearly 270 applications were made for the grants from across the region. At the grant signing ceremony, held in the presence of Hon. Lucia Basson: Governor of the Karas Regional Council, the Executive Director of the Civil Society Foundation, Andrew Harris, said, “These grants between N$10,000 and N$40,000 aim to give a boost to small, local community-based projects. Our resources were limited but we are delighted with the quality of the successful applications and we are confident that they will have a great community impact.”
This project is funded by the European Union under the Namibia Civil Society Support Programme, managed by the National Authorising Office at the National Planning Commission and implemented by the Civil Society Foundation of Namibia.
At the award ceremony, the Foundation revealed the names of the beneficiaries, listed below as beneficiary, activity, location and value of the award. All the projects will be implemented during the next four months.
* //Kharas Community Radio; To buy an extra transmitter to extend broadcasting range to Lüderitz; Keetmanshoop; N$37,778.
* African Youth and Adolescents Network Namibia; Training of trainers workshops to train young people to drive youth agendas in their region; Karasburg; N$39,804.
* Benguela Community Kindergarten; Equipment for the school’s kitchen; Lüderitz; N$16,869.
* Benguela Community Skills Development Centre; Equipment for crafts and home-based business training; Lüderitz; N$37,288.
* ELCRN Betel Hostel; To buy chairs and mattresses for boarders; Berseba; N$40,000.
* Gospel Mission Community Soup Kitchen; Funds for equipment and a shelter to prepare and serve meals for the Soup Kitchen; Aroab; N$23,660.
* Karas Huisen Crafts Trust; Materials to build inventory to sustain the current work team of 30 vulnerable employees; Keetmanshoop; N$40,000.
* Saint Peter’s Support Group; New fridge, freezer, stove and pots for community soup kitchen; Lüderitz; N$15,315.
* SMEs Competitiveness Consultancy (Pty) Ltd; To pilot a tourism skills development initiative for local young people; Lüderitz; N$38,900.
* Society of St. Vincent De Paul; To start a needle work project to train members of disadvantaged groups within the community; Keetmanshoop; N$40,000.
* Swartwater Community Garden; To purchase a solar water pump to meet the huge shortage of water and improve local food production; Vaalgras; N$39,328.
* Vrolike Voetjies Daycare; Fence and equip a play area for the children at the Daycare Centre; Bethanie; N$35,914.
* Welwitschia Education Initiative for Namibia; Enhancing employment chances through hosting career guidance workshops across the region; Keetmanshoop; N$40,000.

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