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Namsov spreads even more cheer

Thank you Namsov Community Trust. Anna Fredricks from the Bishop Kameeta Kindergarten, Nau- Aib Primary school teacher James Groenewaldt, Cancer Association of Namibia Chief Executive Officer Rolf Hansen and Nau- Aib Primary school teacher Asser Ndeutapo’s day got a whole lot better when they received assistance from the Namsov Trust. (Photograph by Amerie Bennett).

The Namsov Community Trust, a Trust that believes in sharing and meeting the needs of the Namibian nation, on Wednesday this week continued to spread cheer and put smiles on people’s faces.

The Trust donated to the Bishop Kameeta Kindergarten in Windhoek, 20 warm blankets, 10 mattresses and 20 trays of Namsov canned horse mackerel. The second beneficiary, Nau- Aib Primary school in Okahandja, received 10 boxes of photocopy paper, 50 Duplo DC 14 black ink cartridges and 20 Duplo Master rolls as well as 20 trays of canned fish. The third beneficiary, the Cancer Association of Namibia received an amount of N$120,000 and the fourth, Omwaalu Waltons Board, will receive N$50,000 to purchase boards that will be used to help children learn mathematical skills, shapes and colours. Both Namsov and Waltons are subsidiaries in the Bidvest Namibia stable.
Namsov Chief Sustainability Officer and the Namsov Community Trust Administrator, Tuna Willem said “children are the future of our nation and it is our responsibility as a community to educate them, protect them and care whole heatedly for them.” It is in this spirit that the Namsov Community Trust agreed to respond to the cry for assistance from the beneficiaries.
“I don’t know what to say. You can see the tears in my eyes. It means a lot to me especially for the children I am taking care of. Most are vulnerable, some are orphans and they do not always have something to eat. I am always asking people for donations sometimes even approaching Checkers to see if they have bread left over for the children”, said a very emotional Anna Fredricks from the Bishop Kameeta Kindergarten in Golgota.
Cancer Association Chief Executive Officer, Rolf Hansen said the money donated would be used at the Cancer Association’s House Acacia to help patients undergoing cancer treatment to stay for free in the intervals between treatment sessions. It also assists the association to help defray the expenses for treatment so that many patients can be treated, also for free, at the Dr AB May Cancer Treatment Centre at the Windhoek Central Hospital. The Cancer Association will also used some of the funds to assist the patients’ families until they get better.
“We usually have a shortage of papers especially during exams. Sometimes exams come to a standstill because of the shortages, so the paper will help us have printing material for some time. These donations will assist us to provide the nation with effective employees in the future”, said Nau- Aib Primary School teacher James Groenewaldt who could not hide his happiness.

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