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Alien plants threaten botanic garden

A large group of enthusiasts helped to remove more than a ton of invader plant species from Windhoek’s botanial gardens.

A large group of enthusiasts helped to remove more than a ton of invader plant species from Windhoek’s botanial gardens.

The Botanical Society staged their annual Clean-Up operation earlier this month to clear some of the alien, invasive plants in the Botanic Garden. The operation, which is a follow-up of last year’s Clean-Up operation, was conducted by members of the society, students and a lecturer from the Polytechnic, as well as Scouts and Greenspace members. Jaco Fourie from the City Parks Division gave his assitance. Armed with spades, forks and protective gloves, the eliminators sweeped the north eastern section removing over one ton of cactuses.
Established in April 1997, the Botanical Society is an non-profit organisation that promotes the understanding and appreciation of Namibian Flora, with the objectives of advancing community awareness and conservation.

“Our present Constitution was adopted at the Annual General Meeting of 2006. The Executive committee called CAPP (Core of Active Plant People) meet once a month to discuss, plan and implement decisions. Our Financial Statements are prepared each year by an independent Financial Services officer, “ explains Dian Thompson, Chairperson and Treasurer of the Botanical Society. The Society offers guided walks in the Botanic Gardens on the first Saturday of each month. Non-members pay an entrance fee of N$10.00 per person with children and pensioners entering for free.   Thompson explains that the guides are members of the Society who offer their time and knowledge to visitors with the aim of making their visit more interesting.
In recognition of Arbor Day as well as the society’s 15th birthday which both fall on 12 October, the Botanical Society will stage an Open Day on 6 October. Festivities will include guided walks, an illustrated talk, and various stalls with items for sale. The society’s very own Botsoc stall will be stocked with T-shirts, books and cards. “On 18 October we will hold our annual Tree Award Ceremony when we honour people and organisations that have made a special effort to preserve trees. Depending on the rain, we plan an Alien Clean-Up at Avis Dam in February or March 2013 and a Herb Workshop, probably also in March next year.”


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