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Rössing Uranium brightens futures with unique donations to Ombyarundu Primary School

Rössing Uranium brightens futures with unique donations to Ombyarundu Primary School

In a heartwarming gesture, Rössing Uranium recently extended a helping hand to Ombyarundu Primary School, leaving a lasting mark of generosity.

Portable desks, clothing, school supplies, and essential food items worth over N$ 200,000 were presented to the school in the Ruacana circuit of the Omusati region.

This extraordinary contribution was made possible through the collaboration of Rössing Uranium and the Rössing Foundation, a testament to their shared commitment to community upliftment.

Speaking during the donation ceremony, Daylight Ekandjo, Manager of corporate Communication at Rössing Uranium, shed light on the company’s Employee Community Project, which was initiated in 2022. The project empowers employees to nominate community projects that could benefit from Rössing Uranium’s support.

The initiative took off with the construction of a playground at a kindergarten in Arandis, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the company’s employees. In 2023, Hilma Ndeyanayi, an employee, nominated Ombyarundu Primary School for assistance.

“We engaged with the school to understand their needs, which primarily included benches for the learners to use during their lunch breaks, as well as food items,” Ekandjo explained.

After thorough internal discussions, the decision was made to procure 130 state-of-the-art Three-in-One portable desks, complete with chairs and bags, a first-of-its-kind initiative in Namibia. Valued at N$221,000, these desks are poised to revolutionize the learning experience for the young minds at Ombyarundu Primary School.

“These portable desks will undoubtedly enhance the learning experience for the young minds. They will no longer have to sit on the cold, hard ground, but can now have a proper and comfortable spot during their lunch breaks,” she expressed.

Ekandjo emphasized that this gesture is a powerful reminder of their commitment to the overall well-being of children. No child should face the hardships of hunger or inadequate clothing while pursuing an education.

Benjamen Eiseb, the Omusati Regional Director of Education, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Rössing Uranium and its dedicated workforce for their invaluable contribution.

“A N$221,000 investment, courtesy of one of the oldest mines in our country through their corporate social responsibility, is truly commendable,” he remarked. Eiseb highlighted the pivotal role played by organizations like Rössing Uranium and the Rössing Foundation in shaping the educational landscape for Namibian children.

He noted that government efforts alone are insufficient, and partnerships with organizations like Rössing Uranium are essential to ensure children receive the best education possible.

Andreas Shintama, the Ruacana constituency councillor, also addressed the gathering, urging parents to enroll their children in school and encouraging them to stay committed to their education journey. This heartfelt donation from Rössing Uranium and its employees is a shining example of how a united community effort can light the way for a brighter future.

The 130, Three-in-One portable desks, chairs, and bags are the first-ever in Namibia and students and teachers pictured at the handover event.


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