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Social Security hands out bursaries, study loans

Social Security hands out bursaries, study loans

The Social Security Commission (SSC) recently handed over bursaries and study loans under the SSC’s Development Fund.

Milka Mungunda, Executive Officer of the Social Security Commission said the study aid initiative is not merely a marketing strategy by the commission, but a sincere endeavor to ease the financial burden on the recipients and their families.

Dr. David Uirab, Chairman of the Commission said the overall impact of the initiative over a period of 11 years have bee the market supply of 251 skilled graduates in the fields of agriculture, engineering, medicine, vocational training ans social work.

“A commitment such as this towards the development of the future workforce will go down the archives of active labour market interventions as a gesture of kindness and is enough to considerably reduce inter-generational poverty for these beneficiaries,” he added.

He also highlighted how the social protection landscape in Namibia is grossly fragmented, which as a whole affects the cost and capacity to deliver social security service.

“We are taking a leading role in a dialogue which may lead to the consolidation of the fragmented social security schemes into robust, comprehensive and coherent national schemes under SSC,” he emphasised.

Ntelamo Ntelamo a Commissioner at SSC said it should be understood that the Commission is not only about the awarding of bursaries and study loans, but it is an appropriate mean through which the Government, public institutions and the private sector could transmit ideas for implementation in the years to come.

“We are poised to continue with this noble intervention for years to come, in the quest of nurturing the lives of deserving beneficiaries, and we hold a deep belief that through education it is possible to shape the lives of many Namibians for a better future,” he concluded.


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