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‘Energy’ vying for IBF title

Abraham ‘Energy’ Ndaendapo will fight for the vacant IBF Continental Africa Jr. Lightweight title just around the corner in August. Ndaendapo an elite boxer from the ‘hard punching club’ has elicited excitement in various quarters hence his qualification to vie for the IBF Jr. Lightweight title.

The tournament will take place in the Namibian Northern Center of Ondangwa and will be promoted by the new Namibian boxing promoters Salute Boxing Academy.
Ndaendapo has been outside the ring after suffering a spinal cord injury while training to defend his IBF Continental Africa Jr. Lightweight Title last year which kept him from boxing activities while recuperating.
His new promotional outfit aims to take on board as many local boxers as possible to IBF rankings so as to enable the fighters to earn international recognition and cash in off the lucrative boxing industry.
The promotion card in August will also feature the former IBF Youth Jr. Lightweight title holder Prince ‘Albinos’ Felesianu, who will fight for the IBF Continental Africa Lightweight title.
‘Energy’ Ndaendapo comes a long way in the professional boxing ranks. He had an awesome amateur boxing career and boxing pundits rank his future very high.
Vice President of the International Boxing Federation in Africa and Middle East, Simon Andjamba, said that they are building up a case for both Ndaendapo and ‘Albinos’ in their IBF Continental Africa Jr. Lightweight title and IBF Continental Lightweight title respectively.
“This is not a revolution, it is an evolution,” Andjamba said, “Boxing in Africa was never dead; it’s just been waiting to be resurrected. IBF/AFRICA is now rising for the cause”.

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