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Hunters fight poachers

The clear and present danger to the local rhino and elephant populations, has not escaped the keen eyes of local professional hunters.

The association representing all professional hunters, or PH’s, as they are known, announced it will host a fundraising auction on 03 September 2015, the proceeds of which will go to combat poachers.
“Due the fact that rhino and elephant poaching is experiencing a sharp increase, we as the Big Game Committee of NAPHA (Namibia Professional Hunters Association) are hosting a trophy hunt auction to raise funds for anti-poaching initiatives” the association said announcing their intentions.
“The funds raised, shall be paid into a Trust Fund and this will be managed by members of the NAPHA Executive Committee, the Big Game Committee, as well as a lawyer in conjunction and in co-operation with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.”
“The funds shall be used for the establishment of anti-poaching units, the training of these units, to arm them and [to buy] kit for the anti-poaching units. In addition, the funds will be used for the maintenance of these units.”
“The anti-poaching resources established with the funds generated form the auction will be utilized solely for the NAPHA members in concessions and on private land.”
“Further monetary and alternative donations are being sourced and we pledge our full input into this project and would like to have you on board for support. We ask you to spread the word about this auction, as telephone bidders will also be eligible to take part” NAPHA said offering some preliminary detail on the auction format.
“Money or alternative donations are most welcome and we hereby cordially invite you to take part in the auction as the time has come for all organizations, private, NGO and government to take hands and address the escalating poaching problems.”

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