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Once in a life time desert challenge

The WWF Desert Challenge is a 7 day challenge that will be taking place from the 15 to 22 October, which is an exclusive WWF trip that is limited to 30 participants only.
This once in a life time adventure will take place in the World’s most remote and beautiful deserts, the /Ai/Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier Park that spans Namibia and South Africa.
WWF South African explained that the Challenge consists of cycling, hiking, paddling and abseiling through the remotest parts of this spectacular World Heritage Site.
They emphasised that the challenge is not a race and participant can complete each leg at their own pace, but there are sections where one cannot turn back, therefore participants will need to be physically fit and in good health to complete the Challenge and be capable on a mountain bike, in a kayak and be willing to abseil with assistance from professionals.
Furthermore, WWF said that a strong support team will accompany the challenge including a medical doctor and massage therapist, bike mechanic and guides and environmental experts will provide a deeper understand of this special environment.
WWF said even though the challenge will be physically demanding, comfortable nights are assured and after a rough day in the desert, the group will arrive at a wilderness camp to enjoy a delicious fireside meal, good company and a good night’s rest under the desert skies.
Entries opened on 1 March and will close on 1 June and an all inclusive price of N$100,000 is payable during registration.

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