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Traditional herbs trader on the rise

Jonathan Kock, owner of Tses Healthy Herbs Investments.

Jonathan Kock has worked in various positions for several institutions before he decided to open his own business called Tses Healthy Herbs Investments.

He started his business last year supplying traditional herbs to local communities. As his business grows, he intends to start manufacturing local traditional pharmaceutical products.
Kock said he learned all about traditional herbs from his mother, Mrs Sara Kock who treated many people with certain ailments with her herbs. Over many years, he observed her successful treatments and decided to take it further. “This company was build from the knowledge of past generations and gave me the courage to continue with the business. We are currently analysing our products to understand what active chemicals are in the products and the benefits it has for human consumption,” Kock explained.
Kock stated that even though they face many obstacles he is currently doing extensive research to understand what criteria must be met to make a successful business. “But even with these challenges I know that the company will bear fruit in the future because there is a need for our products,” he emphasised.
Kock also thanked the Namibia Business Innovation Institute (NBII) for their mentorship, explaining that their guidance gives him a clear perspective of what it entails to run a business. “The relationship we have with the NBII also opened doors for us to meet [representatives of] the UNAM School of Medicine to test our products for needed certification in the industry,” he announced. Tses Healthy Herbs Investments intends to put up a manufacturing plant to produce tablets and capsules once all legal documents are in place. “We also aim to do more research on exporting these product to other countries to grow our market,” stated Kock. Kock said he is driven by an attitude of always being positive and knowing that he can achieve more in life if he wants to. “We must benefit through implementing our skills to develop and market our own home-made products, therefore people should go to institutions [that are] set up to help, which will definately grow this country’s potential.” he concluded.

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