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Legacy biggest profit ever

The Windhoek Country Club Resort Board members joined chairman Sven Thieme, and the Minister of Environment and Tourism, Honourable Pohamba Shifeta, to announce the hotel’s sterling results.(Photograph my Amerie Bennett)

The flagship hotel in the Legacy Hotels stable, the Windhoek Country Club Resort (WCCR) has recorded its biggest profit yet in its 2014 financial year. The resort reported gross operating profit of N$53.3 million for the year compared to N$32.3 million for the previous year. Operating profit almost doubled.

“Results have been up in all categories and the hotel has been booked 100% on numerous occasions. We exceeded our target of N$50 million gross operating profit set by the Board over and above the normal budget. Revenue rose by 32.8%, which can mainly be attributed to an increase of 39.3% in hotel turnover and a growth of 29.3% in casino revenue. Our Gross Margin strength increased from N$60 million to N$89 million, this is a 47.7% increase”, said the Chairman of Board of Directors, Sven Thieme of the Ohlthaver & List Group.
Thieme also highlighted other milestones reached by the resort. “Operating profit was up from N$12.6 million to N$28.8 million, and this can be mainly attributed to well managed expense control. Net profit for the period under review improved from N$9.2 million to N$28.4 million while total operations for the year 2014 resulted in an increase of total comprehensive income from N$4.6 million to N$17.9 million”.
Also speaking at the press conference, Minister of Environment and Tourism, Hon Pohamba Shifeta stressed the importance of having a proactive board and a compatible team. “This industry is very sensitive, good manners from floor managers will ensure more clients, more bookings. You as employees must learn techniques on how to address clients in a proper tone so you can contribute to the economy as well as retain your job”.
The Country Club Resort also faced challenges over the past year due to the fact that they had to slow down their upgrading process, once again as a result of being almost fully booked all the time. Thieme said management opted to extended the scheduled renovation programme instead of disturbing guests.
The resort ‘s conference centre is currently undergoing extensive changes and there are plans to refurbish the resort’s roof and public area. Thieme also mentioned that the resort’s new strategic plan has been proposed and was presented to the Board. Ten of the fourteen targeted operational areas have been completed.
In addition, the resort also embarked on a number of energy-saving initiatives.
Thus far LED lighting has been installed as well as heat pumps which regulate the temperature in all the rooms. The Country Club Resort was the talk of the town when it managed to pull off in the shortest time the hosting of the COP11 conference as well as the eighth edition of the Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Co-operation Organisation (SARPCCO) games which took place in Windhoek in August 2013, events which Thieme said boosted the resort’s profile.

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