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Ackermans saves energy

Value retail giant Ackermans received an accolade for its ground breaking energy-saving project, SWATT, at this year’s African Utility Week Industry Awards.

Ackermans was awarded the African Utility Award for the energy and water efficiency project of the year for SWATT ‘Save Watts’, an extensive energy saving initiative conceptualised by the retailer, and developed and implemented by UGU Engineering Solutions.
The main objective of the project was to reduce the energy footprint of the business and achieve the highest possible return on investment through reducing electricity costs.
Ackermans MD, Sean Cardinaal said, “We are proud of the awards that we have won for this project and are truly honoured to be considered a shining example for how companies can implement energy efficiency. We are thrilled at the support that our staff have shown to this project.”

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