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Pick ‘n Pay and NAFAU seal wage agreement for one year

Pick ‘n Pay and NAFAU seal wage agreement for one year

Three quarters of Pick ‘n Pay’s 1700 employees, those in the union bargaining unit, have accepted a 6.5% increase on basic and a transport subsidy in line with NABTA rates.

The retailers Managing Director, Graeme Mouton described the negotiation process as a true reflection of open and honest communication between the company and the Namibia Food and Allied Workers Union (NAFAU).

“The past two years have not been easy with lockdown hampering our ability to trade as normal. However, because we are part of a breakthrough organisation, we managed to restructure, ensuring that our employees retained their livelihoods,” said Mouton adding that they, as a business, are dependent on both their customers and their employees. “Without either, we cannot achieve our Vision 2025 of not just being sustainable, but a profitable business that benefits all. I want to commend every employee for their hard work and dedication to achieve this. We can only do this together,” he stressed.

NAFAU Deputy General Secretary, Willem Absalom thanked the company’s management and employees, stating that the negotiating parties helped to make the process easier through their insight in the company’s performance in the current economic climate.

“Considering that there are those who are currently unemployed, we should be grateful. Considering that there are those who have not received increases to the tune of 6.5%, we should be grateful. And we as NAFAU are grateful for companies such as O&L and Pick ‘n Pay Namibia who recognise their workforce and want the best for each person. Thank you.”

Pick ‘n Pay Managing Director, Graeme Mouten (centre back), NAFAU’s Deputy General Secretary, Willem Absalom (second from right), with bargaining unit representatives.


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