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Tate Kwela to be honoured at the NAMA’s

Johannes Almas, Shomba guitarist and folklore musician.

Johannes Almas, stage name Tate Kwela, a Shomba guitarist and folklore musician will be bestowed at the NAMA’s with the Life Time Achievement Award for 2015.

The late Johannes Almas released a number of albums, amongst them Unplugged, Mutaleni Gwandje, Kwela, Lexington and Cassette Session that are still popular long after his passing away. Tate Kwela captivated both young and old with his music and lyrics as he dazzled with his guitar, during a career that spanned over four decades. He was one of the first recording artist in Namibia and he sang about the liberation struggle without necessarily having crossed the borders but fighting it with his lyrics.
He was one of a very few artists that wrote all his songs himself and he was also one of the first artist to sing about Aids in his song titled ‘Small Minds’.Tim Ekanejo, Executive Chairman of the Namibia Music Awards said that they are looking forward to honouring this musical genius and that it is a pity that they do so now that he has passed on. “But it is our hope that his music will continue to inspire many musicians for many years to come,” he added.
Ekandjo described Tate Kwela as a musical beacon and guiding light of Namibian music and that his flourishing oratory skills and inspirational lyrics coupled with his amazing singing prowess, reflected the immense talent that he had as a craftsmen.

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