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Saying goodbye to relationships for now

I have decided to take a break from relationships. I am not totally giving up on love just taking a break. Relationships are hard, I do not care if you are gay, lesbian, bi or straight, relationships are hard period.
My family and friends often ask me, ‘what if you meet Mr Right?’. Mr Right can wait for a while, I have been looking for him and he has not shown up, so he should just chill and come back when I have decided that I am ready to date again.

But the funny thing is, that ever since I decided to be single, men are flocking to me like flies flock on a fly trap, so not fair. I want this break of mine to last for a year, so too bad for you Mr Right. The problem that I have with relationships is either I over commit, do not commit enough or I want to control or change the person or vice versa. I have never found a balance with my previous relationships.
I have been given all kinds of advice, you should give 100%, you should communicate more or you should be patient, etc, etc. blaahh, blaahh, blaahh, I am a grown woman, I have tried it all. And I am not doing this to find myself or to get to know myself better, I know who I am and I have found myself, therefore this is the best decision for me, for now, trust me I know.
I must confess I am a serial dater, I have to be in a relationship, therefore this decision is very hard for me, it is going to take a lot of self discipline. I keep on looking but something is always missing, but one thing that I do not do is go into a relationship with my eyes closed, I go in to it expecting disappointment. It always happens when I start to get comfortable in the relationship, then all hell breaks loose.
Some readers might be thinking that is that the problem?, please do not psychoanalyse me, stick to your day jobs, unless if you are a psychologist. But one day I am going to conquer love, and this might sound formal or military, but I do think it is the way love or a relationship should be handled.
By being disciplined, have a strategy, set goals, identify the enemy, never give up and failure is not an option. Therefore all is fair in love and war, I will wreak all havoc during my pursuit of true love.
The irony of this is, just as I was about to conclude this article, I got a call from an admirer asking me out on a date, its seems like the gods are testing me. They are probably saying “if she thinks being in a relationship is hard, wait until she tries being single”.
I will not succumb to temptation, I need to go read the Bible and remind myself how Jesus resisted temptation. It took a lot of will power to turn down a free meal. Yes people if someone invites me out for a date, I expect them to pay.
The countdown has began to my singlehood, wish me luck, and don’t worry I will keep you up to date with my progress. True love here I come.

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