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International lotteries gain traction locally – Bet with Betway Lucky Numbers

International lotteries gain traction locally – Bet with Betway Lucky Numbers

A few years ago one could only read about the huge payouts of international lotteries without being to participate and dream big. America and the United Kingdom have some of the biggest lotteries in the world and Betway’s Lucky Numbers now gives everyone the opportunity to place a bet and win big. Gone are the days of having to stand in a long queue to try your luck.

You can now simply download the app and make your number selections on your mobile phone or do so through a desktop device. You can bet on lucky numbers with Betway in many countries and here are just some of the major lotteries that are available to wager on; Euro Millions, Gosloto from Russia, the Greece Extra, UK Free Lottery Daily, All or Nothing Morning Texas from America, Ireland Daily Million, and the Lithuania Jega.

How to wager a bet on the outcomes of lotteries and what options are available?

There are quite a few different options available for betting on international lotteries and all of the options have different odds.

The first option is for a regular draw without the bonus ball, or a regular draw with a bonus ball which will increase the odds. You can choose the numbers on both of these options or do a quick pick.
Another option is the draw sum, where the options are; will the sum of the balls drawn be odd or even; will the sum of the balls drawn be over or under 150.5 or will the sum of the regular and bonus ball be under or over 175.5.

Other options are available for the bonus ball; you can wager if the bonus ball will be odd or even; if the bonus ball will be under or over 25.5 and whether the bonus ball will be a single digit.

The date, time and the countries of the upcoming lotteries will be displayed on the Lucky Numbers page. You can also select the country that you want to wager on from the drop down menu. The numbers that have been chosen as well as the potential return will be displayed on the Betslip. Make sure that the correct numbers as well as the correct lottery is being played before placing the bet. The wager details for the bet will be available once the bet is placed and will include the date and time of the draw. Stay in control of your betting and bet responsibly, Betway supports responsible gambling.


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