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Keeping the wealth at home

Wikus Fourie, Business Development Manager at Sanlam Namibia Unit Trusts

A first for Namibia, investors are now offered the opportunity to invest their money entirely in Namibian assets. This follows after Sanlam Namibia launched the Sanlam All Namibian Unit Trust Fund, which invests in Namibian assets, specifically equities, cash, bonds and properties. Investors, who utilise the fund, are now in compliance with the local asset rule on contractual investments, which is derived from Regulation 28 of the Pension Fund Act and which states that a minimum of 35% of assets must be invested in Namibia. Contractual investments, i.e. pension fund investments, are subject to this provision.

According to Wikus Fourie, Business Development Manager at Sanlam Namibia Unit Trusts, the new fund invests 100% back into Namibia. “This fund is the first of its kind to invest solely in Namibian assets and gives the investor peace of mind knowing that complying with the 35% local asset rule is now much easier,” he said.
“Another plus of this fund, is that anyone can invest in it, not only large corporates. Individuals can invest from as little as N$200 per month, whilea minimum lump sum of N$2000 will gain you all the benefits Namibia can offer through this investment opportunity,” said Fourie. “By investing in Namibian assets, you invest in the economy of the country in which you live. This allows you to contribute to the growth of the country.”

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