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No certified beef exports to the Philippines

The Ministry of Agriculture said this week that the Foot and Mouth outbreak in the Zambezi Region and Mukwe constituency of the Kavango East Region has no impact on the country’s beef exports. Currently there are no certified beef or livestock exports to the Phillipines. According to the statement by the Ministry the outbreak in the Zambezi Region does not affect the Foot and Mouth Disease status of the rest of the country. “The current outbreak is limited to the Zambezi Region and does not affect the FMD status of the rest of Namibia.”

Secretary of Agriculture Joseph Lita said this week. The region has limited marketing opportunities for its livestock with only matured, de-dlanded and de-bonded beef is exported under veterinary supervision when there is no report of Foot and Mouth.
A compulsory vaccination of all animals in the affected kraals is ongoing as part of a mandatory surveillance activities in order to comply with World Animal Health directive on FMD. Lita assured producers and trading partners that FMD in the country is under control and safe for this particular outbreak, and that beef and livestock exported from Namibia are subject to a high level of veterinary inspection and supervision. There is no Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak in the Foot and Mouth Disease free zone of Namibia from which beef for export to trading partners is sourced.

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