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AMTA’s five year strategic objectives

Participants that took part in the training workshop at the Rundu Fresh Produce Business Hub stand with Daan Strauss, Workshop facilitator.

Participants that took part in the training workshop at the Rundu Fresh Produce Business Hub stand with Daan Strauss, Workshop facilitator.

AMTA made it a point to bring together a “Think Tank Team” a group of specialists within the organisation to scrutinize the strategic objectives of the agency for the next five years and to be trained on Performance Management Systems (PMS).
What is AMTA’s strategy for the next five years? “If managers and staff members do not understand their organization’s strategies, how can management expect staff members to know how/what they do each week or month contribute to the achievement of the organization? People can effectively implement a strategy only when they clearly understand the strategy and how they contribute to its achievement,” the agency said. Managing Director for AMTA, Lungameni Lucas, said “This year marks exactly one year since inception. In that period, we were recruiting, training competent staff, organizing, mobilizing and training farmers to produce according to Good Agricultural Practices because we are introducing new ways which are best and beneficial for the marketing and trade of fresh produce. “This of course requires a lot of consultations and training and hand to hand guidance.  We assessed farmers and categorized them to produce as per market demand. AMTA together with AGRIBUSDEV developed a production calendar which enables farmers’ continuous production with no room for off season,” he added.
The four day strategic workshop which took place from 17-21 November was facilitated by PWC.

The sessions included a visit to Sikondo green Scheme which is one of the Green Schemes supplying the most produce to both the Rundu and Ongwediva Hub. The training took place at the Rundu Fresh Produce Business Hub. Iinekela Kambindji, Regional Manager for the Rundu Hub expressed gratitude to the decision to host this important planning session at his hub, said that “Only when we familiarize ourselves with the work on the ground and the operations of the hubs, will we understand and plan better for the success of this project.” Meanwhile in the next five years AMTA wants to realise the following objectives; establishing stakeholder partnerships, building a reputable brand and agency, stimulating demand for local fresh produce, managing food reserves to support food security and being a sustainable, effective SOE. AMTA mission is to enhance food security and facilitate agricultural marketing and trade in Namibia, to efficiently manage Fresh Produce Business Hubs and the National Strategic Food Reserve, to promote industrialisation, value addition and standards compliance of agricultural products. All AMTA staff will be introduced to PMS. The AMTA strategic plan for the next five years is available upon request.

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